Would you like to experience a surfing lesson in the beautiful ocean of Hawaii?
We promise you the best memories.

Here is why our surf lesson is great!

  1. 1 The instructor is a kind owner of Clips certified by the state of Hawaii!
  2. 2 Get a commemorative photo for free! Riding photos if the conditions are right!
  3. 3 Satisfying lesson time longer than other schools!
  4. 4 A small group lesson that can be enjoyed at your own pace based on safety first.
  5. 5 It is run by a surf shop, so if you want to start surfing, you can get advice on choosing a board!

It is our mission and earnest desire to let as many people as possible ecperience the joy of surfing.

Instructor has been surfing Hawaii for almost 30 years! A Japanese instructor with a surfing instructor license issued by the State of Hawaii and a lifeguard qualification certified by the American Red Cross will provide guidance under the highest safety.

In order to give top priority to the safety of our customers and to experience surf lessons that are carefully cared for, we have a small number of students with a maximum of 2 students per instructor.

We can accommodate a wide range of people, from children to families, couples, friends, and single women.

We also offer customized plans according to your needs, so please feel free to contact us.

Lesson Scenery


Safety guidance on the beach, positioning on the board, how to paddling, how to stand, learn the basics such as how to fall safely.


At first, the instructor will push the board to help you paddling, so anyone can easily catch the waves.


The feeling of standing on a surfboard and riding a wave for the first time is so moving that you will never forget it!

Our Instructor

サーフィンインストラクター MAKOTO, the CLIPS shop owner with 30 years of Hawaii surfing experience, will kindly and carefully guide you. Please feel free to ask anything about Hawaii other than surfing.

Lesson Fees

Semi-Private Lesson
  • $95 - per person
  • 1 instructor / 2 participants
  • Recommended for couples, friends, brothers and sisters
  • Recommended for those who want to learn surfing with a small number of people
Private Lesson
  • $150 - per person
  • 1 instructor / 1 participant
  • One-on-one private lesson
  • Recommended for those who want to learn surfing in a calm and relaxed manner, and those who want to step up
  • Children under the age of 11 must take private lessons.
Attendant (extra passenger)
  • $15 - per person
  • Those who wish to observe lessons on the beach
  • Surfers who want to surf freely next to the person taking the surfing lesson

Details of our surd lesson

Required Time About 2.5 hours
Event date Everyday (Lessons are also held on holidays and Sundays)
Start time

7:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m. (Hotel pick-up time) Please contact us if you would like another time.

What's included in the lessons Surfboard, leash cord, reef shoes, rash guard.
Transportation Pick up and drop off at Waikiki, Ala Moana area is included.
Surfing Area Ala Moana
Payment accepted Credit card or cash

Frequently asked questions about surfing lessons.

Instructions, remarks

1. The schedule may change slightly depending on the tide conditions.
2. If you weigh more than 95.5kg, please contact us in advance.
3. Please bring your own beach towel and sunscreen. We recommend that you wear a swimsuit in advance.
4. Drinks are not included. Please bring drinking water for hydration.
5. Elderly people, those who are not confident in swimming, and those who are not confident in paddling, please consult us. In addition, please note that participation may be refused for reasons of safety management at the discretion of the instructor.
6. The beach we take you to depends on the day's weather, wave conditions and your experience.
7. Glasses are not allowed during the surfing lesson. We recommend disposable contact lenses.
8. If you are prone to motion sickness, we recommend that you take motion sickness medicine in advance.
9. You will be required to sign a liability waiver when participating in this tour.

*48 hours before participation date: Free
*24-48 hours before: 50% of tour full price
*24 hours before participation date: 100% of the tour full price