A shop owner with over 30 years of Hawaii surfing experience will guide you to surfing spots around Hawaii's South Shore! (Ala Moana, Diamond Head, Waikiki) We take into account the direction of the swell, the direction of the wind, the tide, and your surfing level, and take you to the best spots. We also take pictures for free!

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Enjoy Hawaii's quality fun waves!

Why our surf guide is the best!

  1. 1 The kind Japanese owner is in charge of the guide!
  2. 2 You can also get commemorative photos and riding photos for free!
  3. 3 A long and satisfying surfing time!
  4. 4 Full rental board such as Firewire and Channel Islands!
  5. 5 We also give advice on surfing and board selection!


Started surfing at the age of 16, and immediately after graduating from high school, went to Hawaii to learn surfing and study abroad. He soon started working at the surf shop "Clips" and served as GM until the closing of the shop in 2007. After retiring from high-end apparel shop VP, in April 2014, he re-opened "Clips". He holds an American Red Cross lifeguard license and cardiopulmonary resuscitation license.

Birthplace: OSAKA, JAPAN
Stance: Regular
Favorite board: Channel Islands, Firewire

 Surf Guide Fee

Semi Private

$95.00 per person
Duration: 3 hours
Free photo taking 

This plan is for 2 people


$150.00 per person
Duration: 3 hours
Free photo taking 

This plan is for 1 person

You can choose to start your guide at 7:00 am or 3:00 pm.

We will take pictures (free) using an underwater camera. There is also a paid option for GoPro movie.

Rental boards are available for $20.00.

Hawaii state tax (4.72%) will apply.

Payment must be made on the day of the tour by cash or credit card (VISA, MASTER, JCB, American Express).


Anyone who can take off on their own is OK.

What to bring

Surfboards (rental boards are also available), bath towels, swimsuits, rash guards or tappers, sunscreen, drinking water, change of clothes, etc.


This service corresponds to a surfing guide, not a surfing lesson. Those who have no surfing experience or those who cannot ride waves by themselves cannot participate.
The tour may be canceled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. Please note that we will contact you in advance and consult with you as much as possible
Surfing is a sport in the sea, so there is always danger. We strongly recommend that you purchase overseas travel insurance before leaving Japan. Medical costs in America are very high.
Please do not bring your passport, large amounts of cash, or valuables with you when participating in the tour. While surfing, there are also dangers such as car break-ins. We pay close attention to car security and accidents, but we cannot be held responsible in the unlikely event of theft, accident, or injury. Please apply after agreeing to the above.


A 50% cancellation fee will be charged within 48 hours of the tour date, and a 100% cancellation fee will be charged within 24 hours.

Sign Up

Surf Guides are by reservation only. Please click the "Sign Up" button below to proceed to the booking page. Please fill in your information, number of participants, desired schedule, etc. Customer Service will send you a confirmation email of your reservation within 48 hours

Plan (required time: about 3 hours)

7:00Pick you up at hotel

MAKOTO will pick you up at the hotel.

7:05 Departure for surf point

At that time, we will explain today's wave conditions and determine the best point based on the customer's level and wishes. Check some breaks and decide where to surf.

7:20 Arrive at surfing point

Prepare for changing clothes, waxing up the surfboard, etc. Before entering the water, there is an explanation of the point's habits and characteristics (current, etc), points to note when getting out.

7:30Paddle out and surf session

While surfing, you can enjoy conversation, listen to surfing advice, and have fun in a friendly atmosphere. We also take photos.






9:30End of surfing

Shower, change clothes and leave the point.

10:00 Arrive at hotel