Channel Islands Custom Order

We accepts custom orders for Channel Islands surfboards. You can order a custom board made at the Channel Islands headquarters in California or a custom board produced at our dedicated factory in Hawaii. However, we currently only handle PU materials from Hawaii.

Customize your board

It is a full custom order that allows you to select a size other than the stock dimensions, color and placement of the HEX logo and Al Merrick stamp logo, stringer color, glassing, finish, fin box color, and other various options. Your name will also be included on the surfboard if you want.

Reasonable Pricing

Custom fee is only $50. Other options are available at resonable prices. If you order a Hawaii-made Rocket Wide, PU, FCS II for example, Your price will be as follows.

Model Base Price $775 + Custom Fee $50 = $825.00

Free Estimate available

If you are interested in custom order, please send us the form below. We will get you a quote within 24-48 hours.


Please read before ordering...

How to place custom order

After filling out the order form, just click "Submit".We will get back to you on pricing and production time.

Final Price

We will quote you for final price and if you want to proceed, we will officially accept your order and ask you for deposit.

Decal colors, placement

We try our best to follow your request on logo colors and placement etc, but sometime it will not be made same as requested. Please understand that we can't guarantee any request on cosmetic matters on surfboards.

Click on the button below to see logo color samples.


Board Dimensions

You can specify length, width and thickness of the board. You will no able to specify nose and tail width. If you are not sure about sizing, please consult our staff.

Color of fin plugs

You can also specify color of your fin plugs. Subject to availability.



Tail Shape

You can choose your tail shape, but sometime certain models can not be changed.

Request on shaping

You will not be able to request to change rail design, rocker and concave of the board.

Airbrush, Tinting

Please add your airbrush details in the comment section. Also you may attached any sample image to show your desired color and design. Color charge depends on complexity of design. We will provide quote on coloring.


If there is no request, we will order your board as UL glassing (4 + 4 deck / 4 bottom). If you want to make it light or strong, please consult our staff for your options.

Fin Systems

You can choose any fin system from the above. Glassed-on fin is not accepted due to shipping restrictions.


Fins do not come with the surfboard

Color Stringer

You can also choose color of the stringer.

Production Time

It usually takes 3 months for PU and 4 months for EPS. Please have extra time when placing custom orders.

Your name on the stringer

Your name is usually written on the stringer. If you want to customize or remove it, please let us know when ordering.


$400 non-refundable deposit is required at time of order. Balance will be charged when you pick up the board/