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2022年チャンネルアイランズに関するお知らせ / Notice regarding 2022 CI surfboards

2022年チャンネルアイランズに関するお知らせ / Notice regarding 2022 CI surfboards






Channel Islands headquarters has set out a new strategy regarding the supply of surfboards in 2022. In 2021, many retailers could not receive the necessary boards due to the inability to supply stable boards due to excessive demand, material shortages, and delays in logistics. It has become a biased board distribution.

With that in mind, Channel Islands will set a limit on the number of surfboards (stock boards only) that can be ordered from each shop for stores in 2022. There are differences in the number of boards assigned to each shop, but the number of boards using epoxy (Spine Tech, EPS) and color boards using resin tint is extremely small because the number that can be produced is limited. Therefore, it is difficult to accept stock orders and backorders for these boards. As for clear PU boards, it is expected that a stable product lineup will be possible even with Clips, and although the delivery time tends to be long, we will also respond to stock orders.

Customers who want EPS boards such as Spine-Tek and resin tint color boards have no choice but to consider custom orders. There is no limit to the number of custom orders, so we can always provide boards.

It is inevitable that CI surfboards in the US will be difficult to obtain, so please consider custom orders at an early stage and get your board for this coming summer.

The standard delivery time for custom orders is around 4 months for PU and around 5 months for EPS and resin tint. However, there may be a delay in situations where the effects of the pandemic will worsen in the future. Please note that the delivery date is not guaranteed.

In 2022, there will be a lot of new models such as Happy Everyday, Free Scrubber, M22, Triplane Hull Single, so please consider it. We look forward to hearing from you!