• Always at the forefront of surfboard designs Al Merrick and his team at Channel Islands have been putting out the number 1 surfboard in the world for many years. Working with the likes of 11 time world champion Kelly Slater through out his illustrious career, and now working with the amazingly talented and everyones favorite surfer Dane Reynolds has helped Channel Islands get the right feedback on surfboard designs to put out the best product. By having a wide variety of designs in the Channel Islands surfboard range the consumer can pick and choose his model depending on your Level, Usage, and Preference, Channel Islands has the perfect board for you. Al Merrick boards gives you the confidence in the water that you’ve never experienced before and once you try one board you wont be looking for any other brands. At Clips Hawaii we specialize in Channel Islands boards that are made in California at the original factories.

    Clips Hawaii is an authorized US Channel Islands Dealer. Please watch out for fakes.Al Merrick Official Website and purchase your Channel Islands boards from an Authorized Dealer

  • Using extensive research and the newest in surfboard technology, as well as hard work from the great team of shapers at Firewire , their popularity is at an all time high. Not only proving its self by Firewire riders winning many contests in the 2014 season, average everyday surfers can bring their surfing to a new level by jumping on one of these Firewire creations. The secret to its performance comes from the controlled board flex and coil, every turn creates drive and more speed resulting in a different sensation then any of your other boards, once you try one your never going back.

  • Showing his talents in his crafts Surfing, Art, and Shaping, the superstar from California Tyler Warren shapes boards not only that work well but is very pleasing to the eye from a design perspective. Still contracted by Billabong as one of their professional surfers, Tyler rides and perfects his own hand shaped designs. Being a student of his own craft he studies classic surfboard shapes and the history of surfing and throw in his modern take and you get a totally original Tyler Warren style board. His boards can be considered an art piece, at Clips starting with his most popular model the “bar of soap” we will be starting to bring more of his designs into the shop in the near future.
  • Hand finished by the one and only legendary surfboard shaper Dick Brewer and glassed by master craftsman Jack Reeves. Here at Clips we specialize in the double name Dick Brewer and Surfboards Hawaii logo boards, available only in Hawaii. Jack Reeves laminating, tinting, and pigmenting work is the best in Hawaii hands down. We worked with Dick and Jack on two models a Mini Noserider and a Mini Simmons only available at Clips Hawaii.

  • Known as one of Hawaii’s best shapers for a long time now, Wade Tokoro still finishes everyone of his boards with the same care and attention as he did back in the day. Wanted by everyone in Hawaii, Japan, and all over the world Wade makes a lot of the top pros Hawaii boards every winter season. Working closely with young upcoming amateurs as well Wade gets great feedback and his board designs are always at the forefront of the industry. At Clips Hawaii we carry the WADE logo boards in 3 small wave models developed by our owner Makoto and Wade himself.


    Local Hawaiian shaper Brice Yamashita grew up in Honolulu Oahu, Hes been shaping professionally since 2005, one of Hawaiis best young up and coming surfer Zeke Lau rides his boards. At Clips we carry Brices personal brand Unkown.


    At Clips we have some of the best boards in the industry for rent and demoing. We have boards from the top shapers in the world like Channel Islands, JS Industries, Firewire and Lost. Try one of these boards and your sessions in Hawaii will be a lot more fun. We also deliver rental boards to hotels in Waikiki upon request.