At Clips we offer custom orders for most of the shapers we carry in-store.

Custom order costs vary depending on the shaper.


If you are interested please fill out the form from the link below, and customer service will contact you.


You do not need to input your credit card information at this time. Customer Service will contact you.


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Please read before you order/

How to order

After you are done filling out the form on the left, Please click「ADD TO CART」. You can log in and proceed to Checkout. When you get to the payment page, please select「Custom Order」and complete your order. You do not need to input your credit card information at this time.

Board Price

The price that the form on the left shows is an estimate. Once the order is in we will get you an exact quote for your custom surfboard. And we will not start the order until we get the okay from you on the price. So please go ahead and fill out the custom order form.

Surfboard Size

Board length, thickness, and width are customizable. If you need help deciding your size 、Please contact Customer service for advice.

Fin Box Color

You can choose your fin box color as a request. It is a request so not

Tail Shape

Certain models you will not be able to change the tail shape.


In the notes section please describe the color and design, If needed you can email us. Airbrush cost will vary depending on design and brand. We will send you a quote for airbrush.


Stock boards are glassed with a double four deck and single four bottom, you can choose other options as well.

Fin System

For fin systems you can choose between Futures, FCS, or FCS2. You can also order glass on fins if you are picking up at the store. (only available for certain brands.)


Most brands fins are not included, if offered from the shaper it will be included.


We take requests on Logo color and placement options.



Most custom orders take 3 months, varies on brand and season as well.


You can choose a name to be signed on to the board.


For custom orders we take 50% of the board price for a down payment. Customer service will guide you via email for payment.

You can also look at the help page for more info about custom orders, and always feel free to contact us at




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